Saturday, 14 September 2013

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Customer Services

We offer services of call state-of-the-art, we became part of the agents of your business communication center, providing telephone, email or live chat to your customers, suppliers or partners .
Help Desk
Our agents help provide the first or second level support for products or services of your own to ensure that each customer has a solution to their needs.
Customer Service
Each customer contact is an opportunity to strengthen relationships and to create new jobs.
We are fully aware that acquiring a new customer is much more complicated than maintaining an existing business.
Our customer service as follows:

Information products and services.
Specialized care
Maintaining or creating your company's products / services knowledge management database
Receive and respond to inquiries and escalation
Appointments / Calendar coordination
Promotional campaigns
Products and services sales
And market research surveys
Management system cycle
Receive / Services Group account
Insurance claims and payment processing
RMA (return material authorization) to deal with
rebate processing
Processing accounts payable
document processing
climbing treatment
Data entry and update
All repetitive tasks that are non-core to your business.

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